At this pivotal moment in our nation’s history, it is imperative that very well-meaning Liberian speak with one voice in (CONDEMNING) election violence. After eight years of relative peace and tranquility some of our compatriots are crafting a situation that could steer us toward another uncivil war. It saddens me to learn that eight opposition political parties have boycotted the electoral process citing flaws. 

Fellow compatriots, let us (NOT) allow party politic to divide and shove us into another unnecessary conflict again. Regardless of party affiliations, it is imperative that we (DENOUNCE) anyone who tries to deviate from the democratic process by rabble-rousing. Nearly two decades ago, most Liberians supported a popular uprising against a tyrant.  We were all naïve to believe that the popular revolution was just intended to eliminate former President Doe and his cohorts. What we did not anticipate was the ripple effects and collateral damages of a revolution.

According to Carter Center observers and the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa (EISA), despite momentous challenges the voting process was peaceful, well-ordered, and remarkably transparent. The observers also indicated that the credibility and transparency of the voting and counting procedures was significantly enhanced by the presence of party agents.

International observers and other stakeholders attested that the electoral process was remarkably transparent. Therefore, it is ludicrous for some members of the opposition to proclaim that the process was flawed.  What bemused me the most is the fact that even before the election, party executives of the mean oppositions asserted that they will accept nothing less than a win. In other words, they preempted the outcome even before going to the polls; setting a framework for conspiracy theory. 

Fellow citizens, it is essential that we all retrospect those dark moments two decades ago; and put into prospective how far we have come. Let us all look deep down in our consciousness and ask ourselves these vital questions. Do we really want another civil war? Is it fair? Is it necessary? Who stand to gain from it? Remember that we are (ONE NATION, INDIVISABLE); therefore, let us not allow party politics to divide us. In union strong, success is sure!!! God bless Liberia.

Contributed By:
Hassan Fadiga


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