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I have spent my entire life in and out of Liberia and know my people exceptionally well. We are exceedingly sweet people with short-term memories. What happen in our country is unimaginable and many are still in awe by it. Some have no idea what other went through, while others have found means to justify their actions or inaction. No matter which side you are on, one thing is certain, until we can have full reconciliation, Liberia is still a potential war zone. Sorry folks, but this is the inconvenient true.

As I walk the streets of Monrovia, I noticed a reverse form of allege persecution of ex-murderers by the public. Many of those ex-combatants that committed those appalling crimes in our country now see themselves as victims rather than the victimizer. Those once powerful and glamorous Liberians are now destitute. Some have resolved into the life of crime. All I hear these guys say is “wait let something happen again, they will see”. Have we asked ourselves where did all the ex-combatants go after the disarmament--Did they miraculously disappear from Liberia--What are they currently engage in--These are questions that I wish Liberians should be asking instead of politicizing everything.

We are quick to forget all the pain and suffering we were subjected to by some of our friends, fathers, mothers, sisters, tribes’ man, church mates, mosque mates, classmates, schoolmates, pastors, you name it--Having taken my time to talk to some of these guys that were involved in some of the most horrendous crimes in Liberia, I have noticed that they all had one thing in common and that is an opportunity to go back to war. So many Liberians, especially those in the Diasporas, believed that we are far from another bloodbath. You are mistaken my brothers and sisters.

Just read the unscripted and unedited comments on Facebook and you will understand what I am alluding to. This is a country that has not healed. Liberians are still divided and angry over many issues. Some have tried to downplay these divides, while others believe that it does not exist. For me, this is extremely disturbing. Call me divider or a war mongered if you wish; I will continue to raise awareness until I believe that Liberia is no longer subjected to another carnage.Who would have thought that Liberians could be this cruel and heartless to each other.

We are quick to forget how our innocent young men and women transformed into cannibals and murders overnight. I had former classmates and schoolmates who became exceedingly notorious during the civil war. Most of those people had a promising future. Some were potential doctors, lawyers or even president, but the civil war turned them into monsters. While it is true that many took part in the civil war for different reasons, one thing is clear; there were no winners or losers but rather, the destruction of innocent lives and properties.

We can either continue to pretend as if the war did not happen or tackle the aftermath of the civil war. It cannot get more real than this. This is our reality and the moment to correct it is now. We can either seize this opportunity to make things right or continue living in denial. I personally believe that we need to be reminded of what we are capable of. Acknowledging our mistakes will prevent us from going down this path; deny it and we could find ourselves on a similar path.

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