Elias Shoniyin
What a disturbing and arrant insinuation. It is sad that some individuals would begin to pervert a situation only to eschew the real issue. Let anyone provide evidence that Ellen killed even a fly during Liberian civil crisis. We may then as well accuse Mandela of killing thousands in South Africa because he lobbied with sympathizers of the black struggle to mobilize resources that purchased arms and trained members of the ANC militarily in Mozambique and Cuba. You should know the aftermath. Hundreds of both blacks and whites lose their lives in that effort.

As the blacks would, launch attacks in white communities and the repercussions were appalling and horrific. Should we today penalize Mandela for supporting insurrection in South Africa? That is a very weak argument with absolutely whatsoever to string of basis. Even more, should we now start to accuse the National Transitional Council of Libya's liberation of inflicting casualties? I tell you friend, individuals who intentionally perpetrated crime during and after combat will personally take responsibility for their crimes and not those who supported the efforts; be it materially or morally.

Only an individual with limited or no formal education I could spare the trouble of bringing to order when comments so obnoxious and nadir as such are being made. What is their interpretation of Ellen inability of bringing "NAKED water and light"? Ellen took over the state of affairs in Liberia inheriting a society totally broken down, with an annual budget of 84 million in 2006. She met a shattered hydro-power dam, which cost a little over 400 million to restore to post-war status, which was in fact inadequate for responding to the electricity needs of most parts of the country. Besides, the pipe bound water facilities were also facing similar situation as the hydro-power dam requiring over 250 million to repair.

Amidst these towering challenges, there were other immediate and even life threatening services that needed urgent restoration. Such included the revamping of the health system - rehabilitation of the hospitals and clinics across the country and the provision of equipment and medical doctors and health practitioners, and medications. The restoration of the health infrastructure alone was a herculean task that Ellen has almost overcome through her obdurate tenacity. She succeeded pushing the number of medical doctors in the country from a meager 45 to over 250 in 5 years, and improving salaries from less than US$ 500.00 to more than 2500 at the moment, nurses from US$ 25.00 to US$500.00 at current.

She also had the challenge of responding to the daunting needs of the education system, which was in almost total shambles requiring hundreds of millions to restore to an appreciable level. At the inception of Ellen's incumbency, teachers were taking home an equivalent of US$10.00 per month; after tireless and astute efforts, she now boast of sending teachers home with a monthly salaries of between US$250.00 to US$500.00. Which one of those jokers can we get such commitment from? I do not have the time to recount most of what Ellen has do not during her tenure because they numerous. Just to name a few, she has rehabilitated as they all the of the paved roads in the country and built new ones, including all the principle roads in Monrovia and its environs, cancelled Liberia's US$4 billion debt, expend Liberia's annual budget from US$84 million to almost US$500.00 million, that is more than six hundred percent growth. Increase salaries and pensions.

There are lots, lots more. All I observe from this intense opposition and hatred is anger against her for radically breaking away from the status quo. I hear people speaking of corruption; it is no doubt that it is yet a challenge but once in Liberia one would observe that significant efforts are being made to curb it. Important systems are being established including the Anti-Corruption Commission, which should be given prosecution power soon. Moreover, the GAC has been given the space and authority to work independently without interference. The saddest mistake any true and nationalistic Liberian can make is to attempt to vote Ellen out.

Liberia is at a crossroad and requires a tested and competent driver in the driving seat. I hope this brief would assist us invest our time to a more analytical thinking of the situation confronting us at the moment and begin to assess the candidate more on the basis of what level of competence they possess that can be used to moving Liberia forward. “We will only appreciate the challenges before us when we look back at the depth from which we come”. God bless Liberia.

Written By,
Elias Shoniyin


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