2011 has been a challenging year in Liberia politics. In my OPINION, these are the top five losers of 2011:

Loser # 1 Congress for Democratic Change (CDC)  

Mr. St. Clare D Avery
Prior to the November 8 elections, CDC leadership was exceedingly confident of winning in the first round. Base on misestimate poll by an anonymous individual, they assumed that Unity Party stood little chance of even coming second place. After the preliminary results begun coming in, it was apparent that their pollster was wrong. According to the results, CDC only won three of the 15 counties; three counties less than they had captured in 2005. Prior to official results being broadcast, CDC announced that they were disengaging from the process citing massive fraud and vote rigging as their main objection.

They vow to make Liberia "bitter" and ungovernable if they were not victorious. On the eve of the runoff elections, CDC staged a demonstration dubbed "Bloody Monday" which became deadly with one supporter being killed by security forces and scores of other injured. There were over four thousand local and international observers at all polling stations and none of them could corroborate CDC's declaration of vote rigging and massive fraud. CDC is an unusually strong party with loyal followers; they stand an excellent chance of winning in 2017. My advice is that they change their core leadership and bring in more professionals who can handle the administrate and public affairs section of the house. With a loyal grassroots support, they may be able to finance their operations through membership dues and contributions and rely less on the financial support of George Weah. Weah will always be the authority figure if he is financing over 95 percent of CDC's campaign.

Loser # 2 Junior Senators within the Liberian House of Representatives   

Of the fifteen junior senators who contested the elections as incumbents, only two were reelected (Bhofar Chambers and Geraldine Doe of CDC). Their constituents for poor performance dismissed the remaining thirteen senators.

Loser # 3 James Fromoyan and Mary Broh    

After standing by her man for a while, National Elections Commission Chairman James Fromoyan was asked to resign by President. He was dismissed because of dismal performance and signing letters which stated that the Unity Party and Congress for Democracy Change both won first place in the November 8 elections. As an administrator, Mr. Fromoyan should have known better than to sign an official letter without first proofreading.

Mary Broh has always been known as the no-nonsense administrator who will fix any problem. She fixed the problem with passport delay when she was sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and made container processing easier when she was at the National Port authority. Now at the Monrovia City Hall, she has gained the reputation of a mayor who has worked assiduously in keeping the city clean and restoring order. However, her last assignment has given her a terrible reputation. The vacation job payment snafu has shown that everyone has a limit. Ms Broh handling the responsibility of paying the vacation job students shows ineptitude to the highest level. The resulting two days of rioting left scores of government and commercial properties damaged and looted around Monrovia. For this reason, Ms Broh has made our list.  

Loser # 4 Ambassador (Prof) Dew Tuan-Wleh Mayson  

The former "Tipoteh" wearing progressive turned millionaire join the presidential race with a lot of fanfare. He quickly built a political coalition with other parties and named Senator Taylor as his running mate. The alliance broke down and Mr. Mayson could never make progress. He claimed that the government turned down his request to bring a helicopter for campaign purpose; which might have been a blessing in disguise because the results of the elections showed that he received only 5819 votes or 0.5% of the total votes.

Loser # 5 Winston Tubman and George Weah  

Defeat is an intensely bitter pill to swallow. At times, it brings out the worse in people of excellent reputation as in the case of Mr. Tubman who was a former UN envoy to Somalia and had held several high profile positions on the local and international scene. George Weah is a former international soccer sensation and good will Ambassador for the United Nations. These two individuals have caused panic and pandemonium to once more engulf Monrovia. Vowing to win at all cost, they threatened to make Liberia ungovernable even before the elections of November 2011.

They are cognizant of the fact that some of their supporters are prone to violent behavior therefore; they used them as a means of threatening the fragile peace in Liberia. Both Weah and Tubman have received warnings from the UN, EU AU and ECOWAS to control their supporters and assist the government restore calm to Monrovia. Mr. Tubman is only a carpetbagger and has no noticeable authority within CDC; Mr. Weah is the main operator behind the scene. He uses surrogates to carry out his dirty deeds. CDC continues to threaten that they will disrupt inaugural activities and install their own government on 16 January 2012.


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