The final verdict is…DRUM ROLLLLLLL TMZ LIBERIA SITUATION ROOM IS NOT ANTI-KRAHN AS ALLEGED BY SAMUEL K. DOE Jr. We just hate the fact that some people equate Doe to all Krahn people which is wrong. Samuel k. Doe is not the Krahn tribe; he was just an individual who happens to be from the Krahn tribe. Secondly, we hate the fact that some of you are insensitive to the pain Samuel k. Doe inflicted on innocent Liberians. Nobody who murders their own people should be glorified. CHARLES G. TAYLOR, KROMAH, KANNEH, GEORGE BOLEY, R JOHNSON, PRINCE JOHNSON, and the rest of the know killers should be condemn.

Until we can all speak in one voice against evil in Liberia, there will always be resentment among us. Irrespective of our tribal background, many of us don't see tribe only Liberians. It pisses me off when few bad apple desire to become oblivious of what others when through during our senseless war. No tribes, individual or family suffered more than the other during the Liberian civil war. We may have had different experiences but share the similar pain. There is no doubt that we all supported some warring faction or warlord during the civil war, but those times has passed. Let us be conscious of what others endured while attempting to glorify these individuals who cause us pain and suffering. 

Somehow several of you have not gotten the simple fact that, Liberians are tire of this bickering about individuals who have only caused us pain and division. It bemuses me that some are still trying to resurrect the legacy of Samuel K. Doe that is tainted with murder and mayhem. This is the time for us to unite and bring those known murder that are still alive to justice. Sadly, this is becoming difficult because some of us still see these people as heroes. My fellow Liberians now is the time for us to speak in one voice, as one people, indivisible, with unity of purpose. THIS IS THE ONLY WAY FORWARD.


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