As I watch the flip floppers and the belly driven banking their bucks on the CDC 2017, I am kindly appealing to President Sirleaf to, please build more trauma units and psych-wards to cater to the influx of frustrated CDCians. The CDC only winning strategy now is the hope that the UP led government will fail so they can tell the Liberian people “WE TOLD YOU SO”. With five more years to deliver the change we desperately need, one can only pray that the CDC do not self-destruct before 2017. It will take more than one peaceful assembly to do the trick.

We may not like President Sirleaf personally or disagree with most of her policies; however, one thing remains certain she is the best chance we have at building a vibrant nation. This is the time for Liberians to get together and work with the President rather than continue to play the traditional linguistic politics. If we can take anything from the Liberian history it will be the fact that having the support of the international community, preferably the US on your side is a tremendous deal. Downplay it all you want, when the United States does not trust you, the rest of the world will follow.

What makes an exceptional leader is the teams of stewards that help them run the country. This includes every branch of government. People need to start doing their job rather than whining like a baby. Probably if, our law makers stop deepening their pickets and start seeking the welfare of the nation we can have the checks and balances we need to make the President work more efficiently. Change in Liberia has always been an opportunity for a new breed of criminals to continue from where their predecessor left out. I still cannot fathom why this is so difficult for us to understand when we have traveled this route more than once. 

By Al. Hussein Fadiga


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