The Liberian community in Minnesota is hit again with another terrible scandal. Minnesota happens to be the largest microcosm of Liberians in the United States and has been the bedrock of unlawfulness within the Liberian community in the US. This latest incident which has rocked that city of Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center is thought to be one of the worse incidents to hit the Liberian community in recent time.

According to information reaching Tmz Web Radio, several Liberian men have been arrested in a join operation conducted by the Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center police department for allegedly “Sex Trafficking of minor”.  At the join town hall meeting held under the auspices of the Liberian women initiative, the bombshell was dropped about how the incidents occurred. Sergeant Toni Wingback of the Brooklyn Park police department who have been working on the case for almost eight months, revealed that their investigation started around November last year. According to her, around November last year, she and another officer Colene identified a youth in the Liberian community that had been a victim of trafficking and prostitution. They had gotten the information because of a couple of runaway report they had receive on this juvenile and her parents were concern that their child was hanging out at this certain apartment all the time and that she was involve in some prostitution.

The police got involved in the investigation on the information they had. Upon their investigation, they were able to identify that apartment the juvenile was suspected of frequenting and figured out that back in November last year on a separate incident, the Brooklyn Park Police department had visited the same apartment on a narcotic warrant and discovered that a young female was in the apartment that day. According to Sergeant Wingback, it did not cross their mind about the sex trafficking incident at that time.
In a separate case, another 14 year old contacted her parents to complain that she was been held at a hotel in Brooklyn Center and that mom had called the police. When Brooklyn Center police enter went to the hotel they discovered five male in the room and a 14 year old female. They all denied having anything to do with the minor. After that report, the police than went to the female in question house and had a lengthy interview with her which lasted for about 4 or five hours. She identified approximately 8 men that she had been forced to have sex with over a three day weekend at an apartment in Brooklyn Center. According to the 14 years old, she was picked up at an apartment in Minneapolis by one male and brought to an apartment in Brooklyn Center and left there. She was than given drug, alcohol and then allowed to have sex with couple of men at that apartment.

She could remember only eight of the men but they could have been more. Because she was drugged, she could not remember exactly how many men she had had sex with. She was only able to identify about eight of the men she had sex with in a photo lineup. The teen also told the police that she was held at the apartment for two days and later transfer to other locations to have sex and finally at the hotel where she had almost been up for three days on every chemical known to men. The 14 years old finally had paranoid episode and called her mother who called the police.

According to the police they could only get bit and pieces because of the chemical she was one. Notwithstanding, they were able to identify couple of individuals based on phone record, and intelligent gathering in the community, watching houses to determine who these people were and how they operate. “And ultimately what we find out is that this was not advertised at all; it was a really guided secret” officer told TMZ reporter AL. at the town hall meeting.  Most of the time the male or what we call the pimp would find these trouble youths and take her around different apartment and show her off to his clients and then take her back to his apartment or to a hotel and start sending out text messages or calling around to invite them to come have sex with the female at his apartment. So than it will just be one sex party at that location. They left little or no evidence like what happen in most prostitution cases or in general you will find information on site like

This case had no trace. It became very difficult because there was no physical evidence. And the police was months behind on the. Officer further narrated at the town hall meeting that they conducted a couple of search warrant and was unfortunate to gather much information; however they got more info as the stories unravel. By March of this year, the police went out and did a sweep and arrested about 10 individuals. Unfortunately the parties denied having anything to do with the minor but admitted to seeing the girls.
This incident occurs at different locations. Two are still in jail while one is waiting a plead.  The second search was done at the willow apartment in Brooklyn Park, is where a thirteen year old juvenile was pull from. She also had some mental health issue. Most of the suspecting girls denied been involve. Some said that people had called then and threated. One arrest was made at the willow apartment. Another individual had fled.

At Pepper creek apartment, there was also a male there who had been trafficking an 18 year old female, the girl admitted that she was a prostitute long before meeting this guy, however, he used his credit card to access to place ads for her on the site. And also pay for hotel for her. Based on that info police was only able to charge him with promotional prostitution charge. In February there was another female at Huntington apartment a male had traffic her to couple of his cousins and other male in the community. Currently only six people have been charge but the investigation continues.


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