Mr. Al Hussein Fadiga (CEO Tmz Media Group LLC)
Brooklyn Center, Minnesota - July 17, 2013: Tmz CEO has made it clear that Tmz Radio will not be intimidated by cheap community smear campaign amidst circulating rumors by some members of the OLM and Abdullah Kiatamba of The Liberia Journal online magazine. The allegation that “officials of Issues in the Press Reloaded,” a Tmz Radio International program aired every Saturday, are the instigators behind the planned demonstration against the Key Note Speaker of the July 26th Independence Day Celebration, Liberia’s Finance Minister, Amara Konneh, is irresponsibly unfounded.

Speaking at the station’s headquarter  in Brooklyn Center Minnesota, Mr. Fadiga said that the management of Tmz Radio International wishes to clarify that its mission to inform, educate, and entertain the community is paramount. However, those seeking to distract Tmz Radio from its noble mission of serving the public will not succeed. At no time have the management of Tmz Radio or its affiliates engaged in any scheme that divides our community. We firmly believe that the plan to implicate TMZ Radio International as instigator of the “planned July 26th demonstration against officials of the Liberian government is a scheme by some misguided individuals who hope to personally rip financial and other benefits. In view of this, we are calling on those making this unfounded allegation to immediately cease and desist, says Mr. Fadiga.

Mr. Fadiga further hinted that “It is extremely disgraceful to see community leaders behaving irresponsibly over small matters that could be effortlessly resolved. Rather than flexing muscles over who has more power in the community, we should be working together to guarantee a successful July 26th.The celebration should be about unity and not division as it turning out to be.”

Mr. Fadiga also called on the OLM and “its July 26th attack committee members” to ensure the full participation of every Liberian including the various Liberian media institutions in the Independence Day celebration. “Unnecessary bickering will only defeat the purpose of an event that has had a history of poor turnout in the twin cities. With about a week and a half before the 26th celebration, we are requesting that the planning committee do the right thing and reach out to all the parties involved to put an end to this lunacy.”

When questioned about Tmz Radio position on the alleged misappropriation of the $13 million EU grants, Mr. Fadiga said that his attitude on the issues is that “the squabbling is more egos and greed driven than it is about the alleged misappropriation of the 13 million European Union funds. Thus, the reactions within the community are only because the likes of Abdulaye Kiatamba, Erasmus Williams, and others have chosen to embark on a smear campaign at the expense of Minister Konneh.” His final position on the issues is that, Tmz Radio INTL wishes to remain neutral and they are not in the position of choosing side.  “Tmz Radio International mission is to educate, inform, and entertain the community and that is the station’s position”, says the Tmz boss.

He ended with some strong words for the OLM leadership, citing that those responsible for the smear campaign against Tmz Radio will fail miserably. The Tmz Boss also called on the leadership of the OLM to work on uniting the community rather than inciting division. “Tmz platform will remain faithful to its mission to educate, inform, and entertain the community without fear or favor. No threat or smear campaign will change that.”

Al. Hussein Fadiga
CEO Tmz Media Group LLC
3300 County Road 10 Suite # 300A
Brooklyn Center, MN 55429

Phone: 763-807-7689


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