Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful African princess called GBEZONMAR who wanted to marry a man with no imperfection. She was so beautiful that everyone in her village CHUGBOR and nearby villages wanted her hand in marriage. Each day that goes by, her dad would receive suitors from the nearby villages asking to marry his daughter. They brought gifts and made several generous offers, but GBEZONMAR was not interested in any of them. After several failed attempt to find his daughter a husband, the king asked her why she didn’t like any of the men that had proposed to her. 

Gbezonmar responded, “Papay, I do not want any man that is not handsome or even geh sore on his body,” ‘All la men dem that won marry me na fine. La town chief of Gorzon son fine but he geh big sore on his foot’. La last Mandingo papay that came mouf was stink... So what I will do is wait for god to send me my dream man’…---The town chief sensing that his daughter mind was already made up, wished her well and retire to bed for the night. 

Few years later, this handsome young man called Sundaygar from an unknown village appears in the village of CHUGBOR and went directly the king’s palace. Upon his arriving at the palace, he introduced himself and asked to see the king. While waiting for the king, GBEZONMAR emerged from this house in her country lapa along with two of her handlers. Upon seeing Sundaygar, GBEZONMAR froze, and for a moment, she became immobile. Her heart melted , when they both gazed at each other for what appear to be an eternity before she walked pass him on her way to the creek to fetch some water. While going, she asked Sabah one of her maids, “Sabah, that boy is too fine oo, she said. If he says he won marry me, I will accept’. I jeh love la way his black can shine and the tie-dyed shirt he wearing looking too fine. Jeh looka his body, so so fine muscle with six pack. Baa Sabah, I think god na send me my man.’ Sabah responded, yea oo Gbezonmar, I think he na bad. I am soo happy for you my sister.’

Back at the king palace, Sundaygar was using his charm on the king. When the king came out to meet him, he too seemed to have taken interest in Sundaygar at first sight. They greeted each other tapping hands and feet as it was customary for them to do in that region, and when to sit under the mango tree to discuss. Sundaygar wasted no time and went straight to why he was at the palace. “Papay, I am prince Sundaygar from Moweh town.’ La reason I come see you is because I won to ask your daughter Gbezonmar hand in marriage, said Sundaygar’… “My son, I hear you, me pa I na geh problem, but I can speak for Gbezonmar, leh me call her so you can hear weh she will say, because my daughter na turn plenty people down, replied the King.’ …

The king sends one of his servants to call Gbezonmar. When she arrived under the mango tree you could see the excitement in her face. Upon her arrival, he dad broke the news to her and asks her what she thought. Shyly, Gbezonmar reply and said “Papay, I think I like him too, I agree to marry him”. ---Excited, the king summons the entire village to announce the good news. His daughter Gbezonmar was finally going to get marry. Celebration ensue, and everyone in the village came to the village square to celebrate. “Yor yor!, yor yor!, shout the king, today my daughter Gbezonmar have made us proud. Now I am going to geh a grandson to take my place when the god’s shall call me home.’

Drums were rolling, men chanting, while the elders sat under the palava hut drinking palm wine for the rest of the evening as the celebration proceeded. Everyone was excited including Gbezonmar. After dancing and singing all night, the entire village retired to bed. Early that morning, Sundaygar, loaded his bah and that of Gbezonmar on they carte as they got ready for the journey to his village. They both wave the entire village goodbye and got on their journey... WATCH OUT FOR PART 2...


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