Moweh town was about four villages away from Chugbor, but the newly married couples showed no sign of exhaustion. Gbezonmar with some of her belongings on her head walked close by her husband as they walked through the little footpath leading the first town on their way to Moweh. The nervous Gbezonmar is anxious to see what Moweh town looks like. “Sundaygar oo, I know Moweh town da very big town eh? Tell me small thing about your family na. I na won go deh and then I be surprise, said Gbezonmar”. 

“Oh don’t worry my dear, you will love it deh, responded Sundaygar. My family will treat you like a real princess. My father King Nyone of Moweh will make sure we have all we ever need”. There is a brief silence as she doubles up her steps to catch up with Sundaygar. They were about a mile from the next village when suddenly Sundaygar stops and asked Gbezonmar to excuse him to use the rest room. They found a sheltered spot under a tree where he told her to sit there and relax while he goes to attend to nature. “Don’t stay long oo, Sundaygar, you know that I na want to stay by myself, said Gbezonmar.”---“I will na stay long baby, reply Sundaygar” as he strode off in the forest. When he was out of her sight, he took off running to a town half a mile off to meet some of his buddies. 

Sundaygar is part of a violent criminal gang, known as the Kawaka group. These bands of robbers have been robbing villages and kidnapping residents for ransom. This time their mission was to kidnap a virgin princess so she could be used as a blood sacrifice for a wealthy businessman who was seeking office in the capital. Gbezonmar was a perfect victim because she was not only a virgin; she also has royal blood. The group quickly hashed out their plan on how they were going to kill and dismember her body for ritualistic purpose. One of the gang members, Matthew wants them to kill her right where she was, but there is resistant from Sundaygar and two other crew members. They want her kill close to the town near Moweh, that way it would be easy to carry the mutilated body. They all agrees on the plan and Sundaygar retreated in the forest to meet Gbezonmar as fast as he came. 

“How you stay long so, Sundaygar, complained Gbezonmar”...—“Sorry oo, but I was jeh looking for a good place to use, reply Sundaygar. If you ready to go I am ready”. She rose to her feet and picks up her bag as they continue on the journey to Moweh town. By this time it is in the afternoon, she is getting tire from the long walk so they decided to take a break in the nearest town which was just about half miles from where they were. They arrive in the town and are warmly greeted and welcome by the elders of the village. Sundaygar is afraid that he could be recognized by one of the villagers because his gang had robbed this village in the past; so he tries not to look suspicious. He introduced his wife Gbezonmar to the chief as the daughter of Chugbor and she was going the someday be the princess of Moweh town. 

As customary, they were brought food and the best palm wine as a welcome treat. Sundaygar sat with the other elders of the town to eat, while Gbezonmar ate with the village women. “Who cook this chew, asked Sundaygar? la person can cook oo,..da jeh how my ma can cook la dumboy”--- “la my last daughters, Marpu cook la food, reply one of the elders eating along”. The short, skinny man, responding is the town chief. He has four wives, and Marpu is his last daughter from his first wife and his favorite child. She bore a slight resemblance to Gbezonmar. Like Gbezonmar, she is also highly meticulous when it comes to finding a relationship. After eating, the chief offers Sundaygar some Bamboo wine as they sit under the palava hut to have some man conversation. The flamboyant chief summons all his wives to meet Sundaygar as he shows off his possessions. First in line was Marpu who greeting Sundaygar with a quizzing look. One by one he greets all the women and continues his conversation with the chief. “Papay, thank you for la food oo. god will bless you, said Sundaygar. I will tell my pa how yor treat me good here”.

While this is going on, an individual is sitting in the corner very suspicious of Sundaygar. He has been sitting there all this time trying to figure out where he has seen Sundaygar. Monnie is the older son of the chief. He is extremely bright and revere in the village for his wisdom. What Sundaygar did not know is, Monnie recognized him when he entered the village but could not figure out where they had met. Monnie had lost an eye few months earlier during on the Kawaka’s assault on his town. He is among the brave men of the town who fought off the group but lost his sight in the process. But this time he is sure he has seen this person before but is not sure.

Monnie walks up to Sundaygar and asked, “You remember me? En da you came here la other time with Kawaka to steal from us”--- there is this blank look in Sundaygar’s face. He pretends like he did not know what Monnie is talking about—“Da na me oo, da my first time coming to this town, I swear to god, if I lie this mon be my last food, reply Sundaygar”. As things are rapidly degenerating between both men, the king interrupted and tells his son that Sundaygar could not have been one of the Kawaka men because of his composure. Monnie trying not to be disrespectful to his dad retreats to his hut, while Sundaygar and the other village men continue drinking palm wine. 

By this time, Gbezonmar is sitting with the village women explaining to them how lucky she has been to have married Sundaygar. How Sundaygar is a prince of Moweh town, and she would someday be the queen of Moweh town. The women watch her in envy and admiration as she recounts how she had turned several suitors down until she met her prince, Sundaygar. Her half true and sometime embellish story was listened to with interest. --- “Ba, you are very luck oo, said one of the women”, another elderly lady ask, “so, Gbezonmar how come you know da this man here da good man, because me pa I old lady but man dem can lie too much. You na know la man family, if it can possible, you suppoto come with summon yor family oo. I na see plenty thing in life my child, said the elderly lady”. ---Gbezonmar responded, “oldma I trust Sundaygar.. He na like that. Even my papay say la same thing, but I following my heart. god will help me…

By this time it is late in the evening and almost too dark for both couples to continue the journey. Sundaygar is asked by the chief to sleep and continue the journey in the morning. He reluctantly agrees but plans to sneak out of the village at night to tell his buddies about the change in plan. As the village retires to bed for the night, the couples are given a hut to sleep for the night. Sundaygar knows that he has limited time but could not do much about the situation. It was impossible for them to reach the next town before night fall. Reluctantly, he agrees to spend the night and continue his trip the next day. In the room Gbezonmar tries to touch Sundaygar, but he pretends as he is sleepy. “Sundaygar, la people say I na know you good and you will frustrate me...La olor oldma say she na trust you. You sure you like me?” ---“Gbezonmar, if I na like you I will na take my time from way Moweh to come her...da god send you for me, reply Sundaygar”...---“but then why you na won sleep with me, continue Gbezonmar”. “We geh long distance tomorrow, plea geh some sleep my wife, everything geh time, reply Sundaygar”. With that said, she when to bed… WATCH OUR FOR PART 3


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