Aunti is Furious

By: Al Hussein Fadiga
An American visiting his Ghanaian friend, found himself caught up in a fight between his friend and his wife. Kojo had gone to work and while, at work, his phone battery went dead. His wife tried to call him for hours to no avail; her battery also went dead from the numerous calls. Frustrated by this unusual trend, she sends Kwame her nephew who had just moved from the village to live with them to the PAY-PHONE VENDORS to call Kojo from there. Kwame hurriedly ran to the nearest PAY-PHONE VENDOR to call Kojo. While, at the PAY-PHONE, he pays the attendant for the call and dials Kojo’s number. After several rings, a female answers the phone; Kwame immediately hung up. He dials again to make sure he had not dialed the wrong number, and the same lady picked up the phone and he quickly told her “IT’S ME KWAME, AUNTI SAID THAT I SHOULD TELL KOJO TO COME HOME, HIS FRIEND FROM THE UNITED STATES HAS ARRIVED”. The lady on the phone said THANK YOU, and he hung up.

After placing a call, he hurriedly went home to his aunt who was eager to know why Kojo was not picking up his phone. Upon his arrival, she quickly asked him if he was able to talk to Kojo…Kwame told her that, unfortunately, he was not able to talk to Kojo; however, a lady picked up the phone twice. Furious by what Kwame had told her, she decided to wait for Kojo to come home to confront him. Later that evening, Kojo returns from work excited to meet his buddy from the US. After they had greeted, he proceeded to the kitchen to greet his wife who greeted him with a slap followed by a barrage of insults. Kojo was startled by her outburst and could not understand what was going on. “YOU CHEATER, USELESS MAN, WORTHLESS MAN, I REGRET EVER KNOWING YOU, I AM GOING TO DIVORCE YOU” SHE WENT ON RANTING.

After he had managed to calm her down through the intervention of his friend from the United States, she was asked to explain what was going on…Aunti quickly called Kwame to explain what had transpired. When Kwame arrives, he told them that he had gone to the PAY-PHONE to call but instead of speaking to Kojo a female answer the phone. Kojo, who was still in shock from the entire ordeal, asked Kwame “what did the lady on the phone say?”  Kwame said, “When I call the phone rang two times and suddenly a female answer and said “SORRY, THE CALLER YOU ARE TRYING TO REACH IS UNAVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT, PLEASE CALL AGAIN LATER, THANK YOU”… I hung up the phone and call again, but she gave me the same response; so I told her to tell you that your friend America was here. Kojo decided to check his voice-mail.

Kwame had left several messages on his phone. Well, the lady who supposedly picked up the phone was the prerecorded greeting from the phone company. Now, somebody needs to apologize.


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