Phe-Phe Tarlue AKA The General
Krahn, Gio and Mano, in Ivory Coast and Liberia are related. They have the same grandparents. When a Gio man wants to marry, the first woman on his mind is a Krahn woman, likewise Krahn man. Both tribes love hard food; Gio hard GB and Krahn hard rice, they look the same. The only difference is that a Gio man’s wife is for his visitors. Anytime there is a visitor at his house, his wife will sleep with that visitor until he leaves. As for the Krahn men, they love to marry blood sisters. I am not say cousins, but daughters from the same mother and father.

These tribes cannot do without each other. In 2003 while others were saying there is still war going on between both tribes, the Gio men were already in Grand Gedeh discussing marriage to young Krahn girls. Krahn women like to marry Gio men because they are hardworking unlike the Krahn men who are very lazy. Nimba County is considered the food basket while Grand Gedeh the Cell Phone Company. They are lazy in and out. 

Bassa men are not good in bed that is why their women are running to Kru men. The only good thing a woman can get from a Bassa man da talk. They are usually all over the place talking, be this, I be that, but when it's bed time nothing good to write home about. They are LLLLLL, AAAAAAA, ZZZZZZZZ, YYYYYYYYY too.



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