Morris Sekou Kanneh
Mr. Morris Sekou Kanneh
An undocumented African immigrant, who works as a car washer saved up every penny he had earned to bring his wife to the United States. He spends more than $5000.00 dollars to secure a visa for her to join him in the US. Upon her arrival to the United States, they both lived in a one bedroom apartment in the Bronx, New York. One need not say how expensive the apartment was for not only a car washer, but also an undocumented immigrant.

His wife came as a professional hair braider, which made it easier for her to become self-employed without been detected by immigration authority. The demand for hair braiders is very high thus making it easy for her to secure a job earning close to $300.00 dollars per day. He was excited that his wife was now in the US, and once she starts to work, everything would be rosy for them.

In no time, he managed to secure a hair braiding job for his wife at a local beauty salon, while he continues working at the car wash. Unfortunately for him, every time his wife comes home she would complain that she was not making any money at the salon. On the days that she did make money, she would suggest that she send half to her parents in Africa. The man believed everything his wife told him, and he continued to shoulder the bills.

After a year and several months living together, the man who usually comes home late from work, came home early this day because there was not enough customers due to poor weather. When he arrived, he jumped straight in his bed to take a nap. He could not stop thinking on how he would pay the rent since it was the end of the month and rent was due by the 5th of the month. After taking a quick nap, he woke up and tries to grab his slipper from under the bed to go in the bathroom but noticed an unusual hole in the mattress.

Not satisfied with what he was seeing, the man decides to put his hand through the hole to feel what was in there. Surprisingly, he felt what appears to be a large sum of money. Out of curiosity, he pulls out the money from the mattress; he was shocked to see so much money in there. He counted $5000.00 dollars. Astonished by the discovery, he decides to come up with a plan to get rid of the money.  His first reaction was to rush to the mattress store and purchased a new mattress.

He brought a new mattress home and put the old mattress by the garbage bin. Few minutes later, the mattress was picked up by the garbage truck.Around 9:00 p.m. that night, his wife walks in the door and greeted her husband with the usual story that she had not made any money and was tired of sitting at the shop doing nothing. “Well, the day will come when we will make money” replies the man. She puts her bag down and hurriedly went to the bathroom to take a shower. 

After taking a shower, she hops straight in bed to retire for the night but felt something unusual about the mattress. She jumped from the bed lifted the bed sheet and saw that there was a new mattress on the bed. “What happened to the old mattress”? She shouted. “Well, I saw some mattresses on sales today and I decided to change the dirty old one we had.” God have mercy! “The woman yelled. Where is the old mattress?” She asked her husband. “The trash truck carried it, of course." Not satisfied, she rushed outside to see if the mattress was stall out there, but saw nothing. She 
disappointingly came in the room not knowing what to say or do.

Now you gentlemen, what would you do if it were you? Would you pocket the money and say nothing, or do otherwise?


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