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13-Year old Mika Taylor and her friends (Carolyn Kaster/AP Photo)
 A sad moment that a little 13 year old girl might never forget…

According to the ABC news April 26th article, 13 year old Mika Taylor and her friends stood holding a bright orange sign with large block letters to draw President Obama’s attention. The message was unmistakable: “MR. PRESIDENT MAY I HAVE A SELFIE WITH YOU?” Sadly, the girls did not get their wish.

This unfortunate event took place while President Obama was on his visit to the U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan in Seoul, South Korea.

President Obama worked his way down the rope line finally arriving where Taylor was standing with her sign. But the president took a pass, saying if he did it for her; he’d have to do it for everyone.

“Just take a picture of me as I’m going by,” Obama told her, according to TV pooler Bret Hovell of CBS News who overheard the conversation.

So, does young Mika Taylor have David Ortiz to thank for this selfie snub?

Earlier this month Obama found himself in hot water over a selfie with the Red Sox star who has a business relationship with Samsung. 

The selfie “scandal” led White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer to suggest, “Maybe this will be the end of all selfies.”


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