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April 2, 2014 
Samuel Kanyon Doe Jr. doejunior@yahoo.com
Minnesota, USA – In lieu of the recent barrage of personal attacks launched on to the Doe family by Mr. Jackson Towah on the GGAA "Official Forum", the Doe Family has decided to desist from further associating with all things Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas (GGAA).
This unanimous decision of all members of the Doe family was reached due to the disappointment of the unkempt word of GGAA leader President Tillman N. Collins.
On April 1st, 2014 due to the loud call for action by Grand Gedeans everywhere for the Collins Administration to (finally) take action against the behavior of Mr. Jackson Towah, an extensive conversation between Mr. Samuel Kanyon Doe Jr. and GGAA President Tillman Collins was had. President Collins assured Mr. Doe that the derogatory and blasphemous statements hurled at the Late President of the Republic of Liberia, his wife and children (which had remained posted on the GGAA "Official Forum" for over 24 hours) would finally be taken down.
President Collins also informed Mr. Doe that due to the foul behavior of Mr. Towah he will be removed from the GGAA "Official Forum.” However, it all must have been an April Fool’s joke played on Mr. Samuel Kanyon Doe Jr. because at approximately 7: pm Eastern Standard Time today April 2nd, 2014, displayed on the GGAA "Official Forum" Jackson Towah showed that he was STILL a full-fledged member of that forum as he continued to post defaming statements and disgusting insults against the Late President and his family.
All of this has been done under the watchful eye of President Collins, his leadership and GGAA "Official Forum" administrators.
As disappointed as we are in President Collins and his mishandling of this critical situation we are not surprised. President Collins has made himself and his personal feelings towards the Late President and his family very clear during his presidency.
In conclusion, as of this day all members of the Doe Family will delete themselves from the "Official Forum" of the GGAA. The Doe Family will hold off all participation in the functions and activities of The Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas until its change of leadership from President Collins to a well-meaning Grand Gedean who has respect for not just The Doe Family but for ALL Grand Gedeans and their Families.
As of today Ms. Celue Doe the current Peace and Reconciliation Advisor to President Collins will be handing in her resignation of her current position. The Doe Family will not tolerate the gross disrespect of our Late Father, our family and all our fellow Grand Gedeans and Liberians.


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