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Friday 4, 2014 PHILIDELPHIA, PA—

Grand Gedeh Associations in the Americas, Inc. (GGAA) which is the Associations of the people of Grand Gedeh,, accepts the written apology from the Doe’s Family for statement issued publicly against GGAA by Ms. Celue Doe whose action the family strongly condemned in its entirety. GGAA, as an assembly, which is an embodiment of Grand Gedeans overseas and at home honors the bold step taken to recommit the family to the existing ties.

We initially frown upon the action statement promulgating that the family has cut ties with GGAA for individually opinionated post from Mr. Jackson Towah, but as we learnt more about the unfolding, it shows that an outlier member of the family, Ms. Celue Doe, misrepresented the Doe’s Family subjecting the family to unfavorable conditions by denigrated GGAA for opinions a free Grand Gedean, Mr. Towah, expressed not on GGAA’s behalf, but merely his own beliefs.

We also commend Friends of SKD (FOSKD), sympathizers of Samuel K. Doe Jr. senatorial race, for prompt recognition to present apology first-hand and for distancing themselves from such action. GGAA assures that ties established with the Doe’s Family remain unshakable and firm. As we strive for one cause as a people, it is important be aware that Grand Gedeh Association (GGAA) is a collection of Grand Gedeans with diverse backgrounds, experiences, aptitudes, philosophies, political ties and varieties of many uncommon perceptions. And most importantly, every Grand Gedean is born, treated, respected and valued equally; every one of GGAA’s tools, programs, activities and fora are accessible to and can be contributed to by every Grand Gedeans regardless of social class, education, profession, level of understanding, status of literacy, etc. GGAA encourages exchange of ideas, and in so doing, introduced an interactive social media-interface to cultivate opinions across spectrum of our people over barriers of distances.

We intend not to heavily police, delimit and/or suppress opinions we necessary do not agree with, but to provide leadership that molds these outliers with atypical perception into positive Grand Gedeh character with immerse potential which, in the long run, transcends to future model. Rarely, GGAA, through its Administration, is forced to limit access to or temporarily block individual Grand Gedeans from the forum whose comments introduce direct profanity, incites and/or form basis for chaos or subject others to hostile, intimidating environment without cause.

The fora GGAA manages foster capturing surveys of diverse ideas as a way to engage the many problems experienced by individual Grand Gedeans and to devise ways to overcome and to build structure for better outcomes as a people. GGAA commits to promoting harmony amongst its people, and is in no way responsible for actions, comments or behaviors of individual Grand Gedeans and, as well, is not and will not be accountable for residue thereof, except any written and published piece by its administrators.

As we endeavor to foster lasting relationship, it is necessary to assert apt control to avoid unwanted misrepresentation to slip under our watch. The Administrators and the people of Grand Gedeh reinforce ties with Doe’s Family, and commits to upholding blemish-less legacy of Samuel K. Doe, and all other notable Grand Gedeans. We assure to promote a good image while leading by example for generation to come.

Signed: Tillman Collins President, Grand Gedeh Associations in the Americas, Inc. (GGAA) Approved: Eric V Kohn Chairman, National Board of Directors, GGAA


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