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Miss Tracey Danielle Jones Liberian gospel sensation

Tracey Danielle Jones is not just a typical Liberian kid; at ten year old, she is already making name for herself in the gospel music realm. Born on August 21, 2003 in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, to Liberian parents, Mr. Victor Daniel Jones and Maryann Roberts Jones, Tracey is already making headway as a gospel musician.
Miss Tracey Danielle Jones Along With
Liberia's Vice President Joseph Boakai
After many performances at top churches around the US, Tracey got her first shot at stardom when she made a guest appearance at the 2012 Miss Liberia beauty passion in Philadelphia. Her rendition of Whitney Houston’s "I look to you" and Carrie Underwood's “Jesus Take the Wheel” songs has claimed local and international attention.

Tracey Danielle Jones has made two incredible songs which are number one on the local musical chart in Liberia, West Africa. According to her dad, Mr. Victor Jones, he noticed Tracey’s love for music when she was just a toddler. He also stated to Tmz Liberia Magazine, “each time she was driving with us in the car, she would tell us to keep quiet to listen to whatever was playing on the radio."

At the age of seven, he discovered that Tracey had the gift of singing and, therefore, started to work on her vocal. With his guidance, she recorded her debut album, titled “Just like you” and currently a new album titled “Give you praise."

In August 2012, little Tracey visited her home country for the first time where she was received a rousing welcome from several kids and an array of dignitaries including the Vice President of Liberia, Joseph Boakai. During her visit to Liberia, Miss Jones toured many hospitals and orphanages where she saw kids dying from HIV, Malaria and diarrhea. It was during one of those touching visits that little Tracey saw the need to help underprivileged children in need of healthcare in Liberia.

Armed with her gift of music, Tracey decided to form a non-profit organization called the Tracey Foundation to help provide healthcare for children in Liberia. Under the mission “Let the Children Live," the goal of the Tracey foundation is to build a 200 room children hospital for children in Liberia.

When asked about the motivation behind her vision, Tracey told Tmz Liberia magazine that she wishes to serve as an inspiration to other young children around the world. The Tracey Foundation is currently open to partner with churches, organizations as well as individuals on this endeavor. She has already started the fundraising by selling lemonade and chocolate bars at various Walt-Marts in North Carolina. She is also planning a charity fundraiser on Mother’s to help fund the project.

Crowd Standing to greet Little Tracy in Monrovia Liberia

For more information about Tracey Danielle Jones Contact: Victor Jones-Father 267-980-9136 / email jonesvictord@yahoo.com


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