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In the wake of recent remarks made by the chairman of the Congress of Democratic Change (CDC) George Solo alleging that the CDC was created with the sole purpose of making George Weah President; many founding members of the party are not happy. One of those individuals is Mr. Tomalin George, who wasted no time in expressing his discontent on social media.

Mr. George said and I quote “I have refrain from commenting on issues of CDC publicly but the comments or assertions made by Chairman George Solo during a live-radio interview compel me to respond through this medium. George Manneh Weah is not the Founder of CDC!

The furious CDC executive further detailed how the party was founded in a full page article currently in our possession. Read the full transcript in Mr. Tomalin George’s own worlds below.

The Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) was never founded with the sole intent to make George Manneh Weah President of the Republic of Liberia! I can confidently say that during that FALL season in 2004 when I flew from Providence, Rhode Island to joined D. Samuel Tweah, Jr., James F. Kollie, Jr. (Deputy Finance Minister, RL); Williametta Piso Saydee-Tarr and others in Minnesota to discuss the idea called CDC we did not based our discussions on George Manneh Weah Presidential Ambition as the only reason for the formation of the CDC.

In fact, as we were meeting throughout the night in Minnesota, another group chaired by Cole Bangalu under the name then "Liberian National Congress" (LNC) was also meeting in Liberia.

After phone conversations between Chairman Tweah and Chairman Jeror Cole Bangalu; our two groups decided to go in the same direction with one nomenclature.

Chairman Orishall Lafayette Gould, Minister Jacqueline Capehart, Cole Bangalu and others in Liberia I am very sure did not joined in the formation of the CDC with the sole intention to make George Weah President of Liberia.

Yes, it is true that after series of heated discussions and debates Ambassador George Manneh Weah became the face of the Mighty Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) and subsequently its first Standard Bearer at the National Convention held in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

Most of this had to do with several petitions Ambassador Weah had received from cross-section of Liberians to contest the Presidency of Liberia come 2005.

Chairman George Solo was nowhere around when the idea CDC came about. How could Ambassador George Weah be the Founder of CDC when he was a complete novice to politics at the time?

I challenged anyone to prove me wrong that Weah founded CDC and the idea called CDC was only to make him President of the Republic of Liberia.

Chairman George Solo comments made yesterday during his live radio interview in Liberia have created a serious problem for CDC, its members, sympathizers and supporters the world over. 

I am very embarrassed and disappointed as a founding member and a diehard CDCian today.
Today, extremist have taken over our once Mighty Congress for Democratic Change (CDC).
Chairman Solo assertions I am sorry to say have made our chances of ever becoming a Ruling National Party in Liberia a mere dream.

My future with my beloved CDC will be decided when I get to Liberia firstly and consult with some of my Comrades and those who I spent sleepless hours with during the formation of CDC.



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