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Liberia, Monrova, African
Mr. Joseph Saah Fallah
My challenge to all of you who are opposed to dual citizenship for NATURAL-BORN LIBERIANS: begin an advocacy to remove all folks holding naturalization certificates of foreign countries currently serving at all levels in the Liberian government -- from the Executive Branch, including the offices of the President and Vice President--to the National Legislature -- and to the Supreme Court.

How about you begin to advocate for a complete audit of the citizenship of all of our elected officials, some of whom many of you have supported and continue to support for elected offices? How about you begin to advocate for the Anti-corruption Commission to begin a verification exercise to weed out so-called "dual" citizens currently employed by the Liberian government?

This should be a simple exercise -- we can simply ask all public officials (elected and appointed) to submit, under oath, a sworn affidavit of citizenship and institute a verification exercise promptly.  I dare this will never happen -- we are all too hypocritical to even think along this line!

If you are a strict legal constructionist, you must also be concerned with the unequal application of any statutory law and must be appalled at any infringement of such law.  As it stands, there is overwhelming evidence that our Naturalization and Citizenship Law has been and continues to be violated by this current government. 

The appointment and subsequent confirmation of Lusene Donzo (former Minister of Public Works) and the appointment of Ellen Corkrum (former managing Director of the Roberts International Airport) are just two glaring examples.  Mind you, there are many more currently serving in similar positions in this government.  

So, my friends, your advocacy against dual citizenship must be a balanced campaign: you must have the spine to challenge this government to equally enforce the existing Law against dual citizenship with the same vigor with which you advocate against the repeal of this discriminatory and senseless Law.

Let me remind you all of this simple fact: None of us chose to be born a Liberian: GOD CREATED YOU and ME LIBERIANS -- and WE ALL WILL DIE LIBERIANS!

Stop the HYPPOCRACY, folks!


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