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Israel Akinsanya
Mr. Israel Akinsanya 
After alerting the general public of his intention to run for the position of senior senator of Grand Bassa County, Liberty Party strongman, Israel Akinsanya has bowed out. 
In his recent pronouncement on social media, Mr. Akinsanya cited that after deep reflection and conversations with his wife, family and friends, he had decided not to join the senatorial race.
In the letter dated May 12, 2014, Mr. Akinsanya also called on Liberty party executives to throw in their support for Mr. Jonathan Kaipay, who seem to be the consensus candidate for the position.
Tmz Liberia Magazine is still monitoring the situation as it unfolds. See below for the full the transcript of Mr. Akinsanya’s letter.
May 12, 2014
Dear Family and Friends,
As you are aware, I announced in November of 2013, that I would be contesting the Senatorial seat of Grand Bassa in the 2014 election. After months of canvassing Grand Bassa, I have come to the realization that, only a unify candidate, on Liberty Party ticket, can unseat the sitting senator.
I had discussion with all the major stakeholders in the county, most importantly the Deputy Speaker Hans M. Barchue, who assured me of his support of a Liberty Party candidate, provided all the Liberty party contenders, comes out with a consensus candidate.
After deep reflection and conversations with my wife, family and friends, I have decided to not run for this position in this election. At the same time, I’m calling on my brothers Rep. Smith and Brown, to support the emerging consensus candidate, Mr. Jonathan Kaipay. Let’s us all put our hands together with the Deputy Speaker, Sen. Lawrence, and the rest of the Partisans, to bring about the much needed change in Grand Bassa.
In closing, I would like to say thanks, to all whom have work over the months with me, to provide guidance on the way forward.
Israel Akinsanya


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