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Mr. Chede Holding his award
Al-Jerome Anastas Chede has won the New Liberia FM’s “Standing in the vanguard of true journalism award. Chede, previously known as “The Lord Al-Jerome Anastas Chede” before removing the “Lord” for religious reason, was honored during the event marking the second annual New Liberia FM award ceremony held at the Hilton hotel in Philadelphia.

In his acceptance remark, Mr. Chede promised to continue to advocate the interest of the downtrodden masses. He resounded the need for justice for victims of the war. Mr. Chede further stressed the need to hold accountable those who orchestrated the deaths of many people and pillaged the country's resources. 

Mr. Chede became a household name during height of Charles Taylor Presidency for his signature program “Issues in the Press” and “Press Fire," aired on Radio Monrovia (FM 98.7).
New Liberia FM
Al-Jerome Chede Left

Shortly after [Issues in the Press] was debut, it peaked to the number one listened to talk show in Liberia; a move that made Mr. Chede a national hero and an enemy of the Taylor regime.

Despite the constant threats on his life, Mr. Chede withstood the test of time, speaking against vices within the nation and serving as the voice of reasoning for the voiceless. 

On November 26, 1997, Mr. Chede fled Liberia with his family after armed men, believed to be agents of former NPFL General Coocoo Dennis, located Chede's car on Bushrod Island and attempted to kidnap Chede's associate, Chris Teah, whom they mistook for Chede.

Al Jerome Anastas Chede
Al Jerome A. Chede
They vandalized and immobilized Chede's car and then assaulted Teah, who had borrowed Chede's car. Upon realizing that it was a case of mistaken identity, the attackers abandoned Teah and told him they would return for Chede. 

After he fled Liberia with his Family, Mr. Chede resided in the Ivory Coast until he was granted political asylum in the United States where he currently resides.

Chede has worked for 11 years for the U S Bank corporate office in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  He currently serves as director of communications and human resources for Tmz Radio International. Al-Jerome also serves as the director of news and programs of the Africa Rendezvous Television on Northwest community television in Minnesota.

He holds a BA in Mass Communications, Master in Arts degree in Education and another Masters of Arts in Human Resource Management.


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