6:46 AM
Mr. Hassan Fadiga

Dear President Sirleaf,
I am extremely disappointed in the manner you and the entire health care team are handling the Ebola crisis. Madam President, Liberians are dying in a large number from the deadly Ebola virus, and emergency response from your government is poorly organized.
Ma Ellen, it breaks my heart to see countless number of Liberians dying every day from a virus that could be prevented. Frankly, your handling of the Ebola situation shows that you are either insensitive, or you lack the ability to lead. In a time of national crisis, it is the duty of the government to make available every necessary resource in order to neutralize the problem. Unfortunately, your government is waiting for the international community to come to her rescue. This is unacceptable.
President Sirleaf,your government said it spent $12 million between April and June,to combat the deadly Ebola virus. With all due respect Madam President, the amount of money you claimed to have spent on the Ebola effort is unrealistic. How was the money spent? Please do not insult our intelligence Madam President...It is beyond cruelty for officials to misappropriate or divert funds intended to battle Ebola for personal gains. We demand an immediate audit.
Madam President, you issued a state of emergency,but the Ebola epidemic is still spreading at an alarming speed. The Ebola containment or isolation centers are dilapidated and poorly managed. Most of the people taken to these treatment centers are not properly cared for; prompting many sick people to avoid the treatment centers. Most of the citizens prefer dying with dignity in their homes, rather than perishing in a filthy isolation center without food. How can your government be so reckless and cold to the people of Liberia?
While all the blames does not rest squarely on your shoulder, it behoove you to put forth strategy that would deal with ignorance, incompetence, and corruption. Madam President, enough of the bureaucracy. It is imperative that you institute harsh measures in order to combat ignorance in Liberia.
The incident in West Point is extremely troubling, and it is incumbent of you to act decisively. Citizens that are in the constant habit of violating the laws and spreading misinformation should be dealt with accordingly.
Lastly Madam President, I urge you to please fire your minister of health for gross incompetence and prosecute any official that misappropriate funds allocated to fight Ebola. Furthermore, it is important that you restructure your "Ebola task force." Some of the members of the so called "Ebola task force" are out of touch with the common man; how can they effectively help the Ebola effort? There is God oh Madam President... Please act now!
Yours Truly,

Hassan Fadiga, a stern supporter.


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