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Mr. Al-Hussein
Some call us Facebook politicians, while others brand us as “Join-the-list” rather than a journalist; interestingly, people are listening despite all the different perceptions. The government of Liberia today took the first harsh temporary measure to ensure long term gain against this deadly Ebola virus. While there will still be criticism from the public, this is a step in the right direction. 

Having said that, I wish to ask our dear President go a step further and start providing basic humanitarian services to those in communities that are currently under quarantine. Rather than just having armed soldiers parading these communities, they should also be used to help in the distribution of some of the much-needed supplies like food and water to resident. Providing these supplies will create some trust in their presence and show a softer side of the army. 

Despite the fact that we need to toughen up to contain this virus, we also do not want to be seen as brutal or oblivious of the humanitarian crisis that has accompanied the deadly Ebola outbreak. Providing non-perishable food items like nutritional biscuits and water to residents of these communities could drastically ease some of the tensions that are bound to arise from the siege. 

 Lastly, health officials needs to act fast in reaching each home in communities that are under quarantine to start drawing blood samples from sick victims and those showing sign of the virus. Given the population of West Point, there is a need to recruit more volunteers to speed up the process and ensure that the siege on West Point is not permanent. Some skeptics will believe that it is impossible to quarantine such a large number of people; nevertheless, the government has to make every effort to ensure the safety of the entire nation. 

“Drastic sore needs drastic medicine.”


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