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Liberia's Defense Minister Samukai
The Grand Bassa Association in the United States is calling for the resignation of the Defense Minister and the speedy investigation into sporadic shooting and killing of an unarmed kid in West Point, a sea sprawling neighborhood of less privileged Liberians.

Mr.Jerome Gayman, with a dispatched from the United States calls the action of the Armed Forces of Liberia and other security apparatuses present as semblance of the old days that should not be condoned.
The Late Sackie Kamara
The Bassa Association regrets the current situation in the country but says the use of lethal force will create more panic and must be curtailed.

The group says the action on the part of some unscrupulous individuals in the military have tainted the country’s image greatly as all major news organs around the globe featured the graphic photograph of a dying child and the barbaric act of a kid rolling in stains of blood.

The Bassa group’s head who also leads humanitarian group ‘Frontline for Kids’ is at the   same time calling on the Legislature to do a separate investigation into the matter besides the one being done by the Executive.

Jerome Gayman
In a letter addressed to Protempore Findley who himself hails from Bassa, the group says, it will be prudent were the senate to do something now so that, that August body is not blended into such
 chaotic trend gradually enveloping the last days of the Sirleaf’s government.

Early last week, live rounds were fired and tear gas to disperse astone-throwing crowd trying to break an Ebola quarantine improperly imposed on their neighborhood.

At least four people were injured in clashes with security forces, witnesses said; one of the kids reportedly shot (Sackie Kamara) by police in the West Point neighborhood bled to death in a local hospital in Monrovia.

Defense Minister Brownie Samukai, should have absolutely nothing to do with this investigation. Defense Minister Samukai's initial blatant denial of the facts discredits and precludes him.

The Bassa group believes a swift and credible report from ongoing investigations and adequate measure taken will minimize the ruthlessness of the Liberian military.

Togar Alexander Bealded
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