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New Ebola Treatment Unit in Liberia
A little positive news as to what is happening in Liberia right now: Also got a chance to meet with the U.S. Ambassador and the U.S. General on the ground--Please Read!!

We have been hearing the down side the past few days from CNN, WHO, BBC, Local news, private citizens, you name it... And as always and rightfully so, we have a lot to FEAR and be very CONCERNED right now....

I will use this time to state some of the positive things unfolding right now in the heart of Liberia:

  • More (ETU's)- Ebola Treatment Units are being built all over the country right now-- The U.S. military, WHO and other International partners are helping out with this task. ETU's are to be put in every county over the next several weeks.

  • Meeting with our U.S. Ambassador in Liberia-had the opportunity to participate in a meeting with Mrs. Deborah Malac yesterday, and she seems optimistic that EBOLA will be under control by the first quarter of 2015. She indicated that the statistic on the 1.4 Million EBOLA CASES figure is based on data from up to 3 weeks ago and this number is a likely projection if absolutely nothing is done to improve the current system in West Africa, particularly Liberia. 
  • As we now know, there are more international partners on the ground and with a NEW STRATEGIC plan in place. We can expect to see a positive change in the number of new cases over the next several weeks. For us to make a positive change going forward we have to focus heavily on PROPER implementation, and on the household METHOD to making sure we break the transmission. 

  • The U.S. Ambassador stressed the need for community involvement in successfully breaking the Transmission...I also got a chance to meet the U.S. General on the ground--General Williams, who flew in from the Italian Military base. He will lead the U.S. team on the ground to help fight Ebola.

  • Improving Healthcare System Throughout LIB--The U.S. Ambassador also stressed that the U.S. Military will help our government focus on making some significant changes in the Healthcare System going forward, beyond Ebola days. This is good news.

  • New Ebola Testing Labs--We should have about five new EBOLA test Labs soon.--Two More in Monserrado county-ELWA and Island Clinic -already on the ground, One in the south East, Nimba, and Bong or Lofa. The latest testing unit to come from Germany.
  • Community Awareness is improving every day---More and more communities and local organizations are now joining the fight to go door to door to help people break the transmission.
  • Chiefs and other traditional leaders-More and more people are jumping on board to help us change our traditional customs in order to fight the spread of the virus.
  • SURVIVORS---More and more survivors are coming out of the medical centers all over the country-JFK, ELWA, BONG Co., LOFA, you name it...This is good news; our overall survival rate has improved as compared to over a month ago.

  • MORE BEDS--We have more and more beds- more transit locations are now being put in place to remove people from the homes.

  • THE NEW COMMAND CENTER AT LIBTELCO NOW UNDERWAY-WHERE ALL THE EBOLA TASK FORCE HEADS and other partners including the call center will be under ONE ROOF... Better IT setup, communication, planning, response time, etc. 

  • Next Step to Eradicating Ebola--We need to improve heavily on the number of response units and the time it takes to remove the sick or the dead from homes. Preventive care measures -door to door education is the way to go right now which will equal no new cases... 
  • Improve on treatment and rapid testing for all patients including NON-EBOLA patients.

Many have been dying from NON-EBOLA cases--this situation is currently being addressed as well. We also have  to focus on the survivors, the orphans, psychotherapy, and more. Affordable and available medicines for everyone throughout the country. More trained staff, better incentive for the medical staff, are greatly needed. Burial practices are still a problem along with the migration of people from the borders and various areas within LIB. MORE PPES AND MEDICINE NEEDED ON THE GROUND AS WELL. We also have to collect a more accurate data on the DEAD cases---not all are Ebola cases. 

We may have to do what Sierra Leone did by putting the country on lock-down for a couple of days at a time. Before doing this, we have to make sure we have adequate staff and that the communities have their basic needs... Stop the movement of people and go from door to door for two days at a time will greatly help out--but we must plan properly before we do this. 

There's more to tell, but I have written a long script here...Together we all can make a tremendous difference!!! Thanks to all who are joining the fight!!! 


Mrs. Jackie McCay 
Ebola Activist 


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