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Liberia is gradually becoming a place where everyone must play to the song of corruption or suffer the wrath of desperate politicians who peddle on enriching themselves at the detriment of the masses, oops ‘Asses’.

The Nimba case in point where the County’s caucus, except for the distinguished statesman Sen.Prince Y. Johnson is a clearly triumph of evil over good.

The Superintendent and co enjoy the confidence of all Nimbabians as we all see they are doing the right thing in the face of boldness and integrity.
Why should Rep.Ricks Toweh, Sen.Grupee and others of the caucus have interest in one fraudulent company  (reportedly theirs), Western Steel and Allied Industries over another company(North Star) that was legitimately awarded certificate by PPCC as winner of the bid to scrap the remnants left behind by LAMCO.

Is this why Teeko Tozay Yorlay and his boss were filed a ‘Vote of No Confidence’ by our Legislators? Is this the Liberia we all want to see where few big shots suppress our people with fake companies and constrain local authorities to award them contracts which they have not legitimately won? Isn’t this even conflict of interest at its highest!!
It can be recalled that the President of Liberia sent a letter to the Nimba Legislative Caucus (NLC) dated November 6, 2012 awarding the scrap to the County of Nimba. The letter clearly outlines the procedure by which this disposal should take place including:

1.      “A transparent bidding process will be undertaken to obtain a contracted dealer who will dismantle and sell the scrap at acceptable value;
2.    The proceeds of the scrap will be deposited in a Central Bank escrow account with full details provided to the people and leaders of Nimba County.
3.    The people of Nimba, through their leaders and in consultation with the Management of Arcelor Mittal, will decide on projects to be financed by the sale of the scrap metal.
4.    The Superintendent of Nimba County will advise the Minister of Finance and Minister of Lands, Mines and Energy on the projects to be financed.
5.     The Minister of Finance will authorize the Central Bank to release the funds to the County to be managed similarly as the County Development Funds.”

In the wake of said letter, Rep.Ricks Toweh and colleagues quickly established Western Steel which has proven to be non-existent but meant to defraud the people of Nimba their just benefits. Has anyone tried to find Western Steel’s offices in Liberia or anywhere around the globe? Has anyone thought to gather why Sen.Prince Johnson was fought at all lengths from his party to the caucus?

The astute Nimba Senator announced to the public that a caucus meeting held at RLJ Resort ended in deadlock over this same ‘Scrap issue’.
His colleagues he said were seen sharing huge sums of money over half a million which he refused to join in the gravy.
Sen.Johnson said the money had reportedly been a bribe by Western Steel, a scrap company in an effort to award them certificate as winner of a bid in the absence of a legitimate bidding process.
This was as far back as 2012 and since then, the Prince Johnson saga has never ended with the entire caucus treating him as an ordinary person in Nimba.
If this picture can give any reader why these lawmakers have ganged up against the local county authority then so be it.

The Project Management Committee (PMC) Chairman,Mr. Clinton Layweh and former Superintendent  Christiana D. Dagadu disbursed in the space of three (3) weeks US$300,000.00 to procure fuel from Super Petroleum when they could not produce utilization report for even US 5,000.00 according to documents available. The PMC in the same space of time disbursed another check of $59,925.00 for spare parts. The parts are not available. All requested from the PMC Chairman is to provide supporting documents for the transactions as well as the utilization log for the quantity of fuel the money was intended for as well as the spare parts procured. The PMC Chairman requested for some time to compile the documents. The time came and passed. The relevant documents are not available. 

The Nimba Legislative Caucus was informed about this issue, but  claimed that the PMC Chair and the former Superintendent had done no wrong as buying the fuel was sufficient than showing prove of utilization and so the two (2) persons should be left alone. The current County Administration informs that Nimba Legislative Caucus that proceeding that way is wrong because the report for this amongst other expenditures have been made without proof of proper usage of the fuel and accountability as a result of which the Ministry of Finance has refused to release to Nimba County since March of this year the amount of $400,000.00 of its Social Development Fund President Sirleaf had ordered released to the county. 

The prevailing situation is that Nimba County PMC Chairman cannot account for over US$370,000.00, the County cannot receive any cent of her development money, the Caucus is unconcerned about that, but is only interested in the return of the PMC Chairman. 

The current Nimba County Administration is upset about the fact that progress is stalled by that and took administrative action to suspend the PMC Chairman for time indefinite without pay and the Caucus is upset that that darling PMC Chairman is suspended.  

By Reginald Dokie


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