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Airport document reaching Tmz Liberia Magazine and confirmed by the Liberian authority, shows that Thomas Eric Duncan lied on his departure screening questionnaire before leaving Liberia. The paper shows that Duncan answered "no" to questions about whether he had cared for an Ebola patient or touched the body of someone who had died in an area affected by Ebola.

The form in the possession of Tmz Liberia Magazine also showed that Mr. Duncan registered a temperature of 97.34 degree Fahrenheit before departing Liberia on Brussels SN flight-1241.

Liberian authorities said Thursday they will prosecute Mr. Duncan when he returns to Liberia for allegedly lying on his airport departure screening questionnaire about whether he had had contact with a person infected with the virus.

The chairman of the board of directors of Liberia Airport Authority, Binyah Kesselly, also told reporters in Monrovia that Thomas Eric Duncan will be prosecuted when he returns to Liberia.

In another development, Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf told Canadian public broadcaster CBC on Thursday that she would consult with lawyers to decide what to do with Duncan when he returns home.

"The fact that he knew (he was exposed to the virus) and he left the country is unpardonable, quite frankly," Johnson Sirleaf told CBC. "I just hope that nobody else gets infected."

"With the U.S. doing so much to help us fight Ebola, and again one of our compatriots didn't take due care, and so, he's gone there and ... put some Americans in a state of fear, and put them at some risk, and so I feel very saddened by that and very angry with him, to tell you the truth."

The latest Ebola outbreak has killed 3,338 in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Senegal and Nigeria, the World Health Organization says, prompting several West African countries to closely monitor travelers in and out of the country.

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