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Thomas Eric Duncan
New details are now emerging about Thomas Eric Duncan activities prior to departing Liberia for the United States. Sources in Liberia told Tmz Liberia Magazine that the 19 year Ebola victim Mr. Duncan helped transport to the hospital was caring his baby. 

Thomas Eric Duncan who is in his mid 40's was a tenant at the Williams' home and was allegedly having an affair with their 19 year old daughter Marthelene Williams, sources told us. After her death, he wouldboard a flight four days later to his family in Texas.

In an exclusive video interview obtained from Frontpage Africa online, residents explained that Thomas was actively involved in the handling of the Marthelene Williams during her ailment. 

"He helped take her to the hospital for fear that she might lose their baby," one resident said. 

Mr. Duncan
What is still unclear is whether he knew that she was infected with the Ebola virus disease (EVD).

Resident informed Tmz Liberia Magazine that after her death neighbors were told that she had died from a car accident. As words start to spread in the community, residents would discover that Marthelene Williams had died of Ebola; leaving seven infections and one fatality. They were all People that had direct contact with Miss Williams.

The hysterical residents of 72nd SKD Boulevard neighborhood stories confirmed earlier New York Times reports that Mr. Duncan was in contact with the tenant’s daughter, Marthelene Williams before her death on September 15.

After his exposure to the virus, Thomas would leave Liberia for the US four days later. We also know that he lied on airport questionnaire given to him by the Liberian Airport authority. CNN has now confirmed that the government of Liberia is planning on prosecuting Mr. Duncan for lying on his departure form.

Weeks after his departure, the virus is already manifesting itself in the community and those he left behind; infecting about ten people already.

“It is good to be realistic. When this girl got sick and died other people when to help them and we have been interacting with each other ever since. Why didn’t they tell us that she had died from Ebola” said another angry neighbor. 
Thomas Eric Duncan resident in Liberia
This is a pattern seen around Liberia as residents are in denial of the virus and also fear stigmatization, despite public awareness.

In another development, Texas authority has quarantine four members of the family at the home where the U.S. Ebola patient was staying. Armed guard was place at the home on Thursday as the circle of people possibly exposed to the virus widened.
AFP reported that 100 people are being monitored for possible Ebola exposure. The unusual confinement order was made after the family was "noncompliant" with a request not to leave their apartment, according to Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins.

Texas State Health Commissioner David Lakey said the confinement would help ensure the relatives can be closely watched, including checking them for fevers over the next three weeks.

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