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DALLAS — The Liberian national considered the first person to test positive for Ebola in the United States, Thomas Eric Duncan, has died at age 42.  According to Presbyterian hospital authority, Mr. Duncan died this morning; more than a week after the virus was detected in him on Sept. 30.
Thomas E. Duncan (Facebook Photo)
In a statement from a hospital spokesman "It is with profound sadness and heartfelt disappointment that we must inform you of the death of Thomas Eric Duncan this morning at 7:51 am”.
Earlier this week, Mr. Duncan’s condition had worsened from serious to critical as medical personnel worked to support his fluid and electrolyte levels, crucial to recovery in a disease that causes bleeding, vomiting and diarrhea. Mr. Duncan was also treated with an experimental antiviral drug, brincidofovir after the Food and Drug Administration approved its use on an emergency basis.
Liberian Community Reaction
Tmz Liberia Magazine spoke with members from the Liberian community to gather their reaction on the death of Mr. Duncan and they are suspicious of the events surrounding his death.
We also visited various Liberian Facebook chat-rooms to gather reaction about the case and observed frustration and anger at the circumstances surrounding Mr. Duncan’s death.
Some are blaming the government of Liberia for not doing enough to stop the spread of the virus, while other believed that there was foul play.
Excerpts from the reaction below shows a divided the community, ravaged by the death of Mr. Duncan.
“He was killed by hospital official,” said one resident. “Why was he not given similar treatment as the other American survivor?” said another.
“President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, I hope it is well for you. Now that Eric Thomas Duncan is dead, we await your prosecution. You can either tour surrogates to get his ashes or his corpse for your court hearing. Rest in Peace my dear brother, we never knew but now we know. May your spirit hunt Ellen and all those that found you guilty for no crime but only hoped and prayed for your prosecution and not your well-being.”
“Rest in peace, Eric... your government threw out to wolves but Liberians stand by you and your family. Your humanity to your fellowman in time of need at the expense of your life will reward by our Creator who great commission you carried out as he says, ‘no greater love there is than one who lays his life dawn for his fellow man."


Liberian Facebook Chat-Room Discussions
 As conspiracies and accusations spread around the Liberian and immigrant communities, many are left wondering what happened. Hospital authority in Dallas remains tightlipped on what transpired, only putting up a statement announcing his death. 
Now faced with possibility of stigmatization over the incident, community members wants state and federal authority to do everything to ensure their safety. Until there is some clarity about how Mr. Duncan died, the conspiracy theories still linger.
Statement from Tmz Liberia Magazine:
"Our hearts are saddened by the passing of our brother, son, father and fellow countryman. He will forever remain in our thoughts as we pray for the family during these difficult moments. Rest in Peace" 

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