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News reaching Tmz Liberia Magazine states that an unidentified Liberian woman is currently in detention at the Kenosha County Jail located in South-eastern Wisconsin. According to Fox 6 news Wisconsin, the unnamed Liberian national flew in from Belgium and was arrested at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport for an undisclosed immigration violation.

At 1 a.m. on Wednesday, October 8th, the Liberian national was brought to the jail. Upon arrival, she was screened by official who realized she is from Liberia a country hard hit by the deadly Ebola virus disease (EVD). County officials say the woman was brought in as a federal immigration detainee until she can be deported to her home country Liberia.

Fox 6 News states, while she has not shown any sign of the virus, the Kenosha County Jail has taken extra precautions by keeping her in isolation and monitoring for signs of the Ebola virus. Local officials say they are in close contact with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) — along with other federal officials.

Fox 6 News quoting Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth says that they have made contact calls to the CDC about the incident and has obtained the requisite information on how to handle the detainee.

“We realize it is not just people who enter the country and visit other people. We have to look into this as a serious threat too,” said Sheriff Beth.
Kenosha County Jail medical staff is monitoring the Liberian detainee twice a day — looking for Ebola symptoms with a checklist from the CDC. Officials have also been in contact with area hospitals as to what will be done if the detainee does show signs of the virus.

“We currently have the person in the medical ward or we’re transporting them to the medical ward in a negative airflow cell that we have. And the medical staff is looking into this and we’re doing an interview with this person as we speak — and where they’ve traveled and where they’ve been to,” said Sheriff Beth.

The Kenosha County Jail, usually, houses detainee for immigration officials on a regular basis, therefore, her presences was not unusually.

There has been growing concern among Liberians in the US that they could face possible stigmatization over the Ebola crisis. One resident in Minnesota told Tmz Liberia Magazine "It would be unfortunate for us to be treated differently over the Ebola crisis in West Africa. Treating every person of Liberian origin as potential Ebola carrier is just wrong and would alienate the community. I do not feel safe anymore ".

Minnesota has been the home to many Africans, especially those from war-torn countries like Liberia and Somalia. Currently, it is known as the microcosm of Liberia in the Diasporas. The State has had a long term relationship with Liberians who are now worried about facing possible marginalization and stigmatization because of Ebola.

As for the unknown Liberian immigration detainee, she is expected to be deported back to her home country shortly. It is still unclear how she got into this country or why she is being sent back — we do not have the answers for that yet. However, members from the Liberian community we spoke to are pleading to the federal government to not deport any Liberian back to Liberia at the moment; citing humanitarian reasons. We contacted the Federal Department of Customs and Border Protection for an explanation but have not gotten any response. 

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