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Mr.Samuel Jackson (Photo From Mr. Jackson's Facebook)

An honest assessment after being in Liberia for 48 hours. We are in a hot mess. No specific fault of anyone. We must all take responsibility, from the ramblers on Facebook, who delve into all sorts of unnecessary arguments daily, to political parties that have no direction and no spine, and to people who run our government, who lack vision and leadership to lead us to a better life, we must all accept full responsibility.

Our country is in bad shape. I arrived here on Wednesday after six months away, and even something rudimentary as getting SIM changed from post-paid to prepaid is taking me two days with no end in sight. I could not change to an another number at this company because "the computer is having problems". LEC has stopped for two days straight, leaving only generator to provide electricity. I just came in from a night out, and I have to listen to my money being frittered away by the noise of this five kva generator that can only put my air conditioner on. My refrigerator is opened with food in there, spoiling.

I went out to two spots, one to meet some friends and have a late dinner and the other to hear some noise. Both foreign owned places. The Chinese club had DJ Blue doing his thing. I spent about 55 dollars on my usual double shots of Hennessy. Came home no LEC.

The economy is mostly in the hands of our foreign partners.I call them exploiters. I see new businesses springing up but with minimal Liberian participation. I saw this new lighting store at the ELWA junction with some beautiful chandeliers. Good stuff. But foreign owned.

Where do we go from here? I am not sure. We have to begin to talk to each other and not at each other. It does not make sense when we spend most of our days pulling each other down. I am not wasting my time. I have done remarkably well in my six months in America. I can show net asset of significant value. But it is not about me moving up. It is about us Liberians doing well together.

One can say that I am okay because I live in my private homes on two continents and also generate income on both continents. It is not about me. It is about the millions of my fellow men who cannot eat a decent meal. It is about the woman I saw toting a wheelbarrow today who was too tired to cross the street. I tried turning around to give her five US dollars, but my driver was going too fast.

Let's change us. We must work together. I am in. If there is something absolutely new I can do to help, please let me know. Otherwise, keep attacking me and others and see how far we get. I am sorry, but there are so many people with too much big mouth and nothing behind it. If you think I said too much here, it because I had two double shots of Hennessy from the Chinese club at SKD. And so it goes.


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