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This election is a defining moment for women in America. Voting against Hilary Clinton will be the most damaging act of self-sabotage. The implication is far-reaching and will deal a significant blow to everything women have fought for in this sexist, male-dominated nation. Hilary's greatest crime is doing precisely what male politicians have done for centuries. She is smart, articulate and brings the most experience to the Presidency.

While she may have her share of inadequacy, the notion that she is more devilish than the thousands of male politicians that have controlled and continue to command the US political dispensation plays into the narrative that women are not as good as men. American men have always played lip service to gender equality with no real intention of making it come to fruition. This election means more to women than you can imagine.

Electing one of the most experienced politician of our time who happens to be female as the next President will not only send a message to sexist America but also bring an end to the long-term myth that men are better than women.  This election transcends the usual Republicans versus Democrats ideological divides. Women of America, making Hilary Clinton the next commander in chief will be the greatest breakthrough for women in America. Do not blow this golden opportunity!

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Al-Hussein Youjay Fadiga


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