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Hassan Fadiga
In light of the recent revelation that fifty Republican security experts railed against Trump in an open letter, it is important that all well meaning Americans join the movement to stop Mr. Trump from becoming the next president. This election is not like other elections we have witnessed. The 2016 presidential election is not about Republicans vs. Democrats, or rich vs. poor.  This presidential election is about preserving the dignity of America, and safeguarding the office of the President from disrepute.

It is scary to think of Donald Trump as the commander in chief of this great nation. If one carefully follow Trump's utterances, one will realize that he has a dangerous mindset, and his temperament is troubling. Mr. Trump is clearly ignorant of the inner workings of global politics. Trump is not only unfit to lead, but his presidency also poses a national security risk to America. His call for the ban of Muslims only feeds into the narrative that terrorist group like Islamic State (IS) tries to peddle.

America was founded on Christian principles, and the tenet of Christianity is love, empathy, tolerance, and grace. The moment we as people give into xenophobia, bigotry, prejudice, and hate, we empower terrorist organizations that are seeking to destroy us, and change our way of living. A man who continues to make inflammatory statements without a foundation of facts cannot be trusted. Mr. Trump's controversial comments should be a cause of grave concern to all those who genuinely care about the future of America.

A President must possess sound judgment. Unfortunately, Mr. Trump has consistently demonstrated poor judgment in his remarks. An individual who always seeks to have the last word is a weak and dangerous leader. More importantly, America does not need a President who is vindictive and divisive.  Trump's have not been answerable to anyone in a long time. Therefore, he does not understand the act of being humble. The New York billionaire is a narcissist who is out of touch with reality. His attack on veterans and radical approach to sociopolitical issues are very disturbing. America does not need a leader with a thin skin. Given the complexity of international politics, we need a leader that is abreast with geopolitics.

We may not like Hillary Clinton because of her past policy, or transgressions,  but she represents a safer alternative. Madam Clinton is knowledgable of international relations, and she is better prepare to lead. Let us unite and stand against a bigot/racist like Trump. He does not represent the American values, and he is not qualified to lead. Fellow Americans, please vote right in November. Vote for a candidate that will unite all Americans, and work cooperatively with our international partners to defeat radical Islamic terrorists. Vote Hillary R. Clinton for president of the United States of America. God bless America.

Written by: Hassan Fadiga


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