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Dear Mr. Trump,

I wish to thank you for gathering the courage to apologize for the lewd comments against Nancy O'Dell. Despite the skepticism regarding the sincerity of your apology, taking responsibility for your reckless and unfortunate comment was the noble thing to do.

Mr. Trump, I must concur with you that Washington is broken. The recent renouncement of your candidacy by fellow Republicans speak to the core of why we cannot trust the political establishment that runs Washington. These career politicians that are now retracting their endorsement of you have proven that expediency drives Washington. The Republican establishment did not approve your candidacy from the inception of this election and had traversed every avenue to undermine you. This latest incident granted them a golden opportunity to accomplish their mission.

I also wish to caution you to be watchful of your running mate Governor Mike Pense.  Mike does not have your back. He is the Julius Iscariot that will betray you at any given moment. The last presidential debate revealed his pretentious characteristic. He represents the GOP political oligarchy that is exploiting every opportunity to undermine your candidacy.

Mr. Trump, you are now the voice of the Republican Party with the mandate of the electorates. Do not allow anybody to take that away from you. Millions of your supporters including those who are now renouncing you agreed when you called Mexicans rapists and murderers. They applauded when you called for barring Muslims from entering the United States and incited violence at your rallies.

When you publicly mocked a disabled journalist, retweeted anti-Semitic memes, attack a Gold Star Family, insulted the press and railed against their constitutional rights, they did not find those comments despicable. In fact, most of them always knew of your history of misogyny and lies on issues big and small but still supported you because it was expedient for them. They refused to make you release your taxes even though in the last 40 years every presidential candidate has done so; now they want you removed over a decade old incident. They should have known that you were a celebrity when you were nominated.

Mr. Trump, even though I am opposed to everything you stand for; I do respect the fact that you have exposed the dark underbelly of America. The world now knows that we are a country where many still believe that it okay to demean women and make unabashedly racist comments against minorities. Sadly, you have made too much progress to turn back.

I do not expect you do redeem yourself during tonight's debate because Hillary Clinton is more experience and has spent a lifetime preparing to become President. However, you have the mandate of the Republican electorates; they will continue to support you despite comments from the Republican oligarchy. You are the rock star of the Republican Party. 

Good Luck...


Concern Americans  


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